Services Offered

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T3  Call it coaching, call it mentoring, call it problem solving: I call it “Thinking Things Through.” Ever been raspberry picking? You think the whole row is picked. You bend down to get your bucket. Turning your head, you see there is a beautiful, shining raspberry tucked up under a leaf. How did you miss it? You missed it because of the angle from which you were looking while standing up. I call it “T3”– helping people look at their lives, business, ministry, or relationships from all the angles to develop productive, thoughtful, and successful patterns of behavior.

Guest Preaching Beth is known as a preacher who brings scripture to life for today’s world. She is available to preach throughout Michigan, northern Ohio and Indiana, and eastern Illinois.  If you are using the “Consecrating Stewards” stewardship materials, consider using Beth as your guest steward. Beth is also available to preach or speak about women in church leadership to congregations exploring a biblical approach to women in ministry.

Teaching and consulting on transitional ministry
– Congregations anticipating or engaged in a clergy search and churches facing major changes can benefit from discussing the particular issues such transition brings. Pastors serving in transitional ministry also benefit from talking issues over with an experienced interim.  Note: If your church is part of a denomination that has a protocol for choosing new pastors, you will need to inform your judicatory leader before contracting for this service.

Retreat or workshop leadership  Beth has walked groups through a range of topics including leadership development, exploring church conflict,  death and dying, transitional ministry, how to read and use scripture, Lent or Advent preparation, small group leadership skills, or using the Enneagram to bring leadership together. Evening or weekend formats are available.

Spiritual DirectionSpiritual direction is a conversational way of exploring the leading of the Holy Spirit in one’s life. Issues of vocation, relationship, discernment, or spiritual discipline are common topics in direction. The practice is somewhat misnamed, as the director is not directive; rather, the true director is the Holy Spirit. Sessions are 50 minutes long and generally take place monthly.

Please contact Beth for help for any of the above.